I’m drowning
Drowning in my ocean of thoughts
Drowning cos you treat me like a stranger
I sink deep
You seem to have a smile for everyone but me
This is all new to me
Why this sudden change?
I wear a heavy heart to sleep tonight

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A wish

I have a wish
A wish so simple
Yet so complicated
I have a wish
Oh yes I do
To see a smile on your face
I wish for no less
To share a life time of happiness with you
Indeed I have a wish
To be the one who makes you smile
To be the one you run to when you need a friend
To be the one …oh I have a wish
A simple wish
A wish so complicated

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A New Beginning


in the dark through misty eyes

i see a flicker of light

as i take gingered steps

hope surges through my body

and it all began with a truce 

a simple understanding

an understanding that eluded me…

my steps are slower now

as i take it all in

this is my fresh start







I am startled by the sound of blaring horns
I look at my watch
It is 6 o’clock in the PM
I look out my window
Excited children playing in the street
Busy mothers hurrying back from work
I stare at my table
From where i have been working Stacks of paper showed evidence of my existence
I look across the room
And stare hard at my bed
Lots to do, so little time Suddenly, i yawn
And i realise just like the sunsets
I must give in to the powers that be

A Long Night


I  hear  a  knock
The  sound  of  the  door  opening
The  crackle  of  burning  wood
Will  the  night  owl  hoot?
Will  the night  rider  come?
I  wonder…
I  look  up  from  the candlelit  table
Where i was huddled
In  the  corner  of  my  room
It  is  a  cold  night…



The  days  roll  slowly  by…
Slowly  cos  thoughts  of  him  have  consumed  me
Burning  a  hole  in  my  mind
I  wade  listlessly
Suddenly,  i  reach  out  for  a  rock…a  rock
To  keep  me  from  drowning
From  drowning  in  my  ocean  of  thoughts
Myriads  of  questions  overwhelm me
Who  will  answer  them?
So,  i  wait…



                                               This is the beginning of a journey,a journey without an end. A journey into the soul…i need answers…answers to understand this numbness i feel…
Yet i sink deeper…deeper into the shadowy enigma of your soul